Prompt 4

 Respond to Viewfinder

There's only inside and outside



Prompt 5

Telephone portrait

One girl leads the pack of them from out of the sewage alcove, over the stones poking out from running water. There is a floating mist in the air behind them like they might have just crushed a joint before they got up to abandon the spot. Some greenery hangs over the girls in the back that are still making their forward. 

The leader gazes forward, up and over the camera, with a calm soft expression. She is stepping toward the camera and breaks out of the two dimensional background. The sun is overhead and reflects off the top of the water, the tops of the stones, and the top of her head (but not the others). The portrait shines in different places-- the leader is not shining but is softly lit with a dirty white t-shirt and rolled-up jeans.

She emerges and breaks through cautiously (her eyebrows are raised) but she is not concentrated on finding the next stone to step on. Only one of the girls behind her seems to realize who the leader is-- the rest just follow the ones closest to them. It is a portrait of the leader (what is a leader without followers?) and evokes graceful strength.