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I saw you shoot a goose out of the sky and its body hit the ground ssssoooo hard. That was the same day you called me a worthless slut...

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Women notice a lot but I bet you haven't noticed that. I notice a look in your eyes when you don't care about what I am saying. You don't hear me and you don't hear the goose so it doesn't even matter if the goose can't talk.

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I thought dogs were man's best friend? You can train your Golden Retriever to play dead or give you a high five all you want but my Shih Tzu will know 1,000 more secrets. We work as team and we are part of the plan. She doesn't have to perform for my love.

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You punish your dog when he messes up the trick. But did you know making a mistake is more human than anything? You only want him to act like a human when it is the correct answer to your question...

Your Golden Retriever is welcome to join my team. So are you. But you have to learn a few things.


Not everyone experiences reality just like you. Some people are sad all the time and some people like to eat a big breakfast in the morning.

I think you should eat a big breakfast next time you go hunting. Enjoy every bite like the goose does before you kill it. He knows he will get shot and he knows you didn't eat breakfast yet. It is what he wants.

Your dog on the other hand, he wants to sleep on your bed with you. He says its okay to get the bed dirty.

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